This week in digital: 2nd September 2016

digital round up 2nd september infographic

All eyes on IFA 2016

This week in digital has seen all eyes firmly fixed on events in Berlin for the IFA 2016. Known as one of the biggest events in the annual tech calendar, the IFA sees some of the biggest names in the industry gather for a week of exciting and innovative announcements. Although it didn’t officially get underway until Friday, we’ve already seen Samsung unveil a new range of Gear 3 smartwatches and TomTom announce a whole host of AI-powered tech including SatNavs, watches and fitness trackers.

Apple activates Twitter

Five years after joining the social network, Apple has finally activated its Twitter account by changing its cover photo and profile pic after previously being represented by the generic “egg” avatar. This move comes just days before the hotly-anticipated iPhone 7 event, with rumours circling that Apple will lose its Twitter virginity to live-tweet the keynote.

Twitter Promoted Stickers

This isn’t the only news story to involve everyone’s favourite micro-blogging site, as Twitter also launched ‘Promoted Stickers’ in the UK. These will allow brands to create custom stickers which users can attach to the photos they upload. Warner Bros is one of the first brands to jump on this new opportunity, creating Harry Potter-themed stickers for upcoming spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

twitter promoted stickers

Amazon Dash arrives in the UK

Meanwhile, Amazon’s much-anticipated Dash buttons have finally arrived to the UK market, having been only available in the US until now. These physical buttons link up through Wi-Fi to a user’s Amazon Prime account to allow them to re-order commonly-bought items at the…erm…touch of a button! 48 brands have signed up to the UK Dash push, with users requiring a button for every brand they wish to buy.

LG and Amazon bet big on smart homes

This week also saw Amazon announce a new partnership with tech giant LG to capitalise on the potential of smart homes. It will see LG begin to integrate Amazon services such as the virtual assistant Alexa into its SmartThinkQ hub to enable homeowners to control their household appliances through voice recognition technology. The aforementioned Amazon Dash buttons will also be capable of integration with LG’s smart platforms.

Artificial intelligence heads to Hollywood

Ending this week’s roundup is something a little bit different. An upcoming Hollywood movie has entrusted an IBM artificial intelligence programme (named Watson) to create the scariest possible trailer for Morgan, due to hit US cinemas this month. Watson analysed 100 classic horror movies to decipher what the meaning of ‘fear’ is, examining each scene for triggers and reoccurring themes which led to the scarier moments of the films. After this analysis was completed, Watson was fed the full Morgan movie and programmed to make a trailer based on what it had learned and how it perceived fear. This is undoubtedly a major step forward for AI – you can check out the finished trailer and find out more in the video below.


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