Benidorm ‘has more than you think’ online campaign

Visit Benidorm Online Banner


Visit Benidorm Tourist Board is to launch a six month online advertising campaign with Click Tap Media in order to reach two key audiences for the coastal town, families and the LGBT community.

The majority of destination consideration starts with an internet search and the consumer stampede to online booking has completely changed the way the tourism boards need to reach their target audiences, taking them from traditional marketing to online channels.

Click Tap Media worked closely with Visit Benidorm on the creative and variance of messages that need to be conveyed for each audience.

The campaign is Benidorm’s first ever online advertising campaign and aims to increase visitation from the UK whilst changing the perception from a ‘Stag and Hen’ destination and promoting that Benidorm ‘has more than you think’.

“Many do not realise we have 5 star hotels, a very peaceful part of the resort, and a beautiful old town with top notch local gastronomy. There is really something for everyone” Yolanda Pickett Fernández, Manager, Visit Benidorm Tourist Board.

The first segment of the campaign will be seen across the large scale Daily Mail ‘Belly banner’ Format, and a range of websites focusing on Family and Parenting and Travel content to target the families Benidorm wish to reach. The Family section of the campaign will see banners promoting Beaches, Theme Parks and Sports activities which are key attractions for the area.

Skyscraper Banner - Visit BenidormThe second segment of the campaign targeting the LGBT community will feature on which reaches around 500,000- 600,000 people in the UK each month, and according to Hitwise data, is the most visited non-dating or adult LGBT website in the UK. The LGBT Campaign will have run of site on Leaderboard, Skyscraper and MPU formats, with inclusion on the Daily Newsletter and an advertorial every month for six months. The banners include images of same sex couples and at the beach with the strap line ‘Discover Benidorm’.

Web banners will lead back to dedicated sections of the website and Visit Benidorm social media channels, accompanied by a targeted Facebook campaign.

By promoting the destination in an environment their audiences are comfortable with means that Visit Benidorm can take advantage of the shift in behaviour of consumers moving from high street travel agencies to online travel. Their visibility on high traffic websites with strong call to action will increase interest in the destination and traffic to the Visit Benidorm website, allowing consumers to start planning their journey to Benidorm and see what the resort really has to offer.