Click Tap Media Builds Anti-Cancer Facebook Campaign For Ice Creates

Organised by Media Agency Group’s digital marketing arm, Click Tap Media, Ice Creates have formulated a Facebook advertising campaign designed to raise awareness for the importance of smear tests in combating cervical cancer. Running in conjunction with allocated radio slots on Capital FM Yorkshire, the Click Tap Media strategy targets Bradford, Leeds, Hull, Wakefield, North Yorkshire, Calderdale and Kirklees, working to reverse the decline in women attending their smear tests.

Ice Creates - Facebook Display advert

Facebook user data allows the campaign to interact with the chosen target audience, directing adverts at women who fall within the 25-65 age bracket. Giving a feminine pink touch to the typically yellow ‘warning’ sign, the Facebook advert uses semiotics to quickly communicate the campaign’s cautionary nature. An opening order of ‘Don’t ignore it!’ directly addresses Facebook users in order to captivate their attention, following on promptly with the information that smear tests can save lives.  Two angles of communication are adopted, taking either an emotional approach that encourages users to take a smear test in order to avoid endangering their role as a parent (‘I Miss My Mum’), or an informative tactic which highlights risks associated with not having the test. ClickTap Media will monitor the campaign to guarantee the greatest performance by up-weighting the top performing ads, ensuring that awareness objectives are achieved.


Alongside the government’s ‘Improving Outcomes’ scheme, Ice Creates are campaigning to elevate England’s cancer survival rates. By promoting the information in a comfortable environment, a sensitive issue can be communicated to the relevant audience and strengthen cancer awareness. Click Tap Media’s social integration of the Ice Creates marketing scheme unlocks accessibility to the women who are avoiding smear tests – by entering their personal domain via the internet and radio, they are exposed to a tactical advertising plan which they might otherwise never interact with.