Consollo Loans Launches Digital Ad Campaign with CTM

Media Agency Group’s specialist digital department – Click Tap Media, has joined forces with Radio Airtime Media to launch a multi-format advertising campaign for personal finance lender Consollo Loans.

Video display advertising has been launched across the UK display network by Click Tap Media, alongside an email marketing campaign. The digital strategy has been implemented to maximise reach whilst helping to project Consollo Loans and establish them firmly amongst their competition.

The ads include a call to action button; directing audiences to easily apply for a loan from the company.

Consollo loans display ad

The highly visible, easy to read adverts are prominently positioned on websites key to Consollo Loans’ targeted demographic.

The ads will then be optimised based on performance, to ensure an effective campaign that drives results.

Consollo is a trading name of Stonemere Finance Ltd, a 100% UK based lender of personal finance products established in 2010. With the strapline of, ‘If your friends or family will support you, then so will we’, Consollo works to give people a chance of obtaining a loan, providing they believe they can trust a person and their guarantor.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Media Agency Group said:

“Supporting the campaign with targeted digital advertising is an effective way to reach those proven interested in campaigns of this nature. This will ensure maximum engagement and results, whilst helping Consollo reach a wide demographic across the whole of the UK.”

For more information, please contact the Consollo Media Department on 0844 417 1437