This week in digital: Apple announcement special


Apple‘s September keynote has been the talk of the tech industry this week, after the company made a string of major announcements at Wednesday’s high-profile event. If you’re only just catching up, this week’s Click Tap Media digital roundup looks at the major news to come out of San Francisco at the annual event.

Introducing iPhone 7

As usual, it was the hotly-anticipated arrival of the latest shiny new iPhone that stole the show on Wednesday, as Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. As expected, they were billed as “the best iPhones yet” (we’ve heard that before, right?) and feature some subtle aesthetic tweaks and internal enhancements. However, there are a few major shakeups that have got people talking…

R.I.P headphone jack

iphone 7 with no headphone jack

You know those expensive Apple headphones that you have to fork out £25 for every time they break? Yep, they won’t work with the new iPhones directly. Apple’s major move this year was the bold decision to kill off the traditional headphone jack in a bid to encourage more users to try out the new wireless alternative. However, before you get to incensed by this news, Apple has also confirmed that each new iPhone comes with an adapter to allow you to connect your existing headphones via the lightning port.


Apple airpods

Of course they were going to be called this.This brand new Apple product will cost users a tidy £120 when they’re released in October. They come with Siri support, a built-in mic, touch controls and a 24 hour battery life. Sounds OK, just don’t lose them…

Two rear cameras

As well as an updated, 7-megapixel front-facing camera, the iPhone 7 Plus will feature two 12-megapixel cameras on the back, allowing for better zoom and depth-of-field effects.


Other notable features include stronger water resistance, a minimum 32GB size, new in-built stereo speakers and a new range of colours including black and, erm, an even blacker black.

iOS 10

With a new iPhone comes a new mobile operating system, and iOS 10 is set for a release next week on 13 September. New features include a notable redesign, a “raise to wake” feature and lots of new 3D shortcuts for apps such as Uber. Siri is also finally opening up to non-Apple apps, and its tech is being used for an advanced predictive text service called “QuickType.”

ios 10 screenshots

Photos will now be smarter than ever, too – AI will be able to link photos and video together by place, people and time to allow you to build smart albums known as “Memories”, for holidays, events and special occasions. Maps and Apple Music have also been given major facelifts, while Messages now allow users to send rich links, customise their text and user larger emojis.

macOS Sierra

As well as iOS 10, desktop and laptop Mac users will soon be able to update to macOS Sierra, the latest operating system and a follow-up to OS X El Capitan. It’s released on 20 September in the UK. Major updates include Siri’s arrival to Mac, and Apple Pay being usable for completing online transactions.

And not forgetting…

The Apple Watch has been updated (slightly) and a new version – the aptly-titled Apple Watch Series 2 – has also been announced. There aren’t any major updates with this version, but it’s being pitched as a health-focused device this time around and has an updated processor, a brighter screen and slightly stronger water resistance. NOTE: This doesn’t mean you can wear it in the shower.

apple watch series 2


Do the latest Apple announcements whet your appetite, or has the tech giant lost its innovative touch? Let us know your thoughts – you can find Click Tap Media on Twitter @ClickTapMedia.