Email Marketing

Powerful, flexible and direct. Taking traditional paper-based mail into the digital world, targeted email Marketing is a powerful and flexible solution.


ClickTap Media can combine your email marketing message with your social media presence, making this dual tool an unstoppable force of boundless reach. Email puts your messages in front of people you already know; social advertising passes your promotions along to your fans and followers who may not have subscribed to email marketing, who then share your messages with their friends and followers.


Did you know that there has been a 73% increase in email views on iPad/ Android Tablets? Or that 62% of company email users check work email over the weekend, and 50% check it whilst on holiday?


We can add social media sharing buttons to your email marketing, and automatically post your content to your social network feeds. Traditional monitoring with social tracking allows you to:

  • Find out how many of your contacts opened your email marketing, clicked the content links, forwarded your messages to friends, filed spam complaints, or unsubscribed from your database.
  • Track social interaction to confirm the number of times your message are viewed, clicked, liked, and tweeted.
  • Confirm how individual contacts responded to your emails; including when and how many times they opened your messages and which links they visited.

Email communications are regulated by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, which define what you can and can’t do in terms of sending marketing emails.


ClickTap Media can handle the work behind the scenes, ensuring that you comply with the EC Directive and the Data Protection Act, which applies to personal data used in email marketing.


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