Facebook Advertising

Likes + Fans = Customers. Facebook has an incredible reach. Across the globe there are 1 billion active users, and 600 million of those are mobile ones.


Facebook is frequently visited, with the average user spending 75 minutes per day across its network. Not only is the public scope amazing, the great advantage of advertising on Facebook is that it also holds a wealth of information on it users, focusing on where they live, their gender, age, what brands they like and even their favourite food and drink.


This information allows ClickTap Media to direct your Facebook advertising specifically at your desired audience demographic, even focusing on an exact number of people you’d like to influence.


We conceive the best Facebook advertising and marketing campaigns, which always have a structured plan – it begins with visually captivating design, closely working with noticeable copy; it then proceeds towards which demographics to approach; finally, we ensure that your business Facebook page is branded and active, and that the advert links to the most important part of your website /online platform.


ClickTap Media can create the ultimate presence for your business on Facebook. We thoroughly concoct bespoke methods to cover every aspect of raising your Facebook status. ‘Like’ Facebook advertising by calling us on 0845 154 0588, or complete the enquiry form.