Your target audience are looking for you. Google still dominates the UK search market at 90.68% (Hitwise data), with over 1 billion unique visitors per month spending 200 billion minutes on its sites.
Google product management can catapult your business in front of millions of interested visitors as they perform searches relevant to you. Google constantly updates algorithms and how websites are ranked, meaning your stored data could fall out of favour with the Googlebots in an instant.
Our industry leading team are proactive in keeping ahead of algorithm trends and will ensure your website not affected by this ever changing ranks.
Search Engine Optimisation is a strong online marketing tool with the power to showcase your business personality, and Google values original and regularly updated site content. The better your content, the better your ranking.
Pay Per Click advertising allows you to pay to promote your business on Google’s ad network ensuring you appear for search terms relevant to your business.
Want your business on the map? Got an offer that targets people on the go? ClickTap Media can guide you through Google’s location-based Geo Targeting services, giving your brand a physical position to support your virtual presence.
Appointing ClickTap Media to manage your campaign will work Google to your advantage. Display your advert on the Google ad network and only pay if it gets clicked; make money from your website by only showing advertisements that relate to the content on your website; find new customers, feature your products online, and install a fast and secure checkout process. Google Places, Google Earth and Google Maps target those within your immediate area, Google+ pages allow businesses to build relationships with their customers, and our comprehensive Google Analytics suite monitors and improves your website’s visibility and PPC campaigns.
Is Google product management hitting your spot? Call us on 0845 154 0588, or complete the enquiry form.