Mobile Advertising

With over 483 million smartphones and mobile devices in the UK, it looks like there is no stopping this technological wonder. Harness the power of millions on the go with mobile advertising.


New platforms are emerging every day, and mobile is ahead of the game. The potential reach of this digital stage is something that won’t go away and which cannot be ignored. It seems that the rise of the smartphone is unstoppable, and, coupled with the fact that a quarter of owners also own a tablet, this portable environment is a key mobile advertising platform.


Mobile technology is so relentless that it is expected to exceed desktop access by the end of 2012. With this in mind, ClickTap Media understands that advertising on mobile devices can be a complicated minefield and we are here to carry you across.


We offer the following mobile marketing formats…

Click to Download Advert
Expandable Banners
SMS advertising(Short Message Service)
MMS Advertising(Multimedia Messaging Service)
Landing Pages
Mobile Web Banners
Video Adverts

…and we deal can with these devices:


  • iPhone/iPad (IOS Operating systems)
  • Tablets (Android or Windows Operating Systems)
  • Smart Phones (Android or Windows Operating Systems)
  • BlackBerry Smartphone (RIM Operating Systems)
  • Tablet and other Smartphones (Using Symbian Operating Systems)

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