Reputation Management

When your audience wants to know more about you, they search for you online whether that is in Google, Yahoo, Bing or popular social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Search results on your company will return your website, but it may also retrieve negative listings and comments from blogs, forums, listings, and social media and review sites.


The management of your reputation online is paramount, independent research tells us that 79% of consumers look for reviews on a search engine such as Google, and 75% of Brits would change their mind about a purchase after reading three bad reviews (Lightspeed research).


Online Reputation Management is exactly that. Unless for legal reasons it is not usually possible to remove offending of negative content on another organisations website but Click Tap Media can manage how they appear.


To manage your online reputation we will move the negative listings out of sight and further down the ranks on internet searches so that when you are searched results are you company pages and positive / neutral reviews.



Click Tap Media will manage and promote your online assets (website, social media profiles, blogs etc.) and ensure they appear higher in search engine rankings, and push the negative results down.


If you do not have blogs or social media accounts related to your website we can create and manage these for you!


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