Customer Call Tracking

Do you want to follow your customers’ online journey? Track virtual behaviour before, during and after their telephone call to your company?


ClickTap Media can report on every keyword, search engine, advert, referring website or online portal which is sending customers your way. This allows you to build the most accurate picture of your website’s overall performance and interested audience.


ClickTap Media offers a complete customer tracking, call tracking and analytics tool designed to help businesses and marketers reach optimum success. Our strategy will increase conversions, justify online and traditional advertising spend, and eliminate ineffective advertising methods.


ClickTap Media can:

  • Track how every visitor has found your website, and what search terms they have used.
  • See which pages visitors viewed on your site, and even locate the moment they picked up the phone to make an enquiry.
  • Integrate call conversion with Google Analytics for a complete analysis.
  • Allow you to see a ROI on your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.
  • See how many calls your Adwords campaign generated.
  • Calculate the average number of click-throughs before the call is made.
  • Follow the actual path taken by a visitor to the making of the call.
  • See which Keywords are generating calls. Therefore allowing you to adjust your campaigns for maximum keyword efficiency and ROI.
  • Rate the calls on effectiveness (1-9), therefore qualifying the calls.

Keyword call tracking offers an analytical approach to justifying advertising costs and it also eliminates wasteful marketing. This advanced technology monitors visitor activities at the point when they call your telephone number, which allows us to assess the effectiveness of specific keywords and discover which websites have the best referral rate.


With this level of innovation, the latest technological methods could be in the palm of your hand. Want to get involved in call and Customer tracking? Call us on 0845 154 0588, or complete the enquiry form.