Flexible campaign management is one thing. Tracking your online and offline campaign performance so you can improve, change, swap and prioritise your media in real-time?
We call that, TrAccountable.


Hour by hour, day by day, our in-house software monitors, tracks and stores your customer interactions, monitoring the performance of each aspect of your campaign. It can tell you which parts of your media are working and which are not.


Traditional 12-month media plans will become a thing of the past. Our system tailors your campaign on an ongoing basis. This increases efficiency and improves conversion rates.
Let’s say a media format isn’t working, you’d want to change it, right?


Most media agencies only allow for rigid campaign structures, set-in-stone and impossible to change until the campaign is over.


If a format is unsuccessful in month one, it is unlikely to be unsuccessful in month two, three, four …


TrAccountable allows you to change your approach when it suits you.


  • When an element of your campaign isn’t delivering the desired ROI, yes, you’ve guess it, our system allows you to move ineffective formats from you media mix and divert your spend to better performing media formats for your business.


  • Other media companies will claim to use similar software themselves, and they will probably be telling you the truth. Media management tools have been around for a while, as you’d probably and rightly, expect in the fast-moving digital world.


  • However (oh yes, there is always a but), our campaign tracking system is ground-breaking because it pulls together several tracking systems into one unique programme. Because it was built in-house by our developers, it doesn’t just track calls, or just analyse webpages, it allows us to track an entire campaign of media formats.


Fancy using our bespoke software on your media campaign?


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