Online Display Advertising & Banner Advertising

The world of Display Advertising (also known as Banner Advertising) has evolved from the days of simple banners across the top of a page. Online marketing is now interactive and complex – ClickTap Media knows how to drive your campaign in the right direction.


Online display adverts are generally used to build brand awareness, just like the full-page spread across your favourite magazine. They come in all shapes and sizes, and ClickTap Media is not afraid to be ambitious with their imagination.


Have a browse through some of the forms we offer with our Display Advertising advertising service:


Static Display Ads (static Banners and text ads)

These contain still images/text that are hyperlinked to an advertiser’s site.


Animated Banners

Using various movement formats such as GIF and Flash, these have the capacity to be fully or partially animated.


Interactive Banners

Interactive ads include a long list of tools and games. They offer a user some function whilst bringing them to an advertiser’s website. The design and coding determines the number of clicks needed to direct a user to a website or any hyperlinked portion of the advert.


Video Adverts

The clue’s in the name – these adverts play videos! The moving image can be programmed to play automatically when a web page opens, or it can be user activated.


Expanding Ads

Expanding ads increase in size when clicked or hovered over. The expansions can vary greatly, from being a quarter of the screen size to engulfing the entire monitor. They can be interactive, static images or even videos. These ads allow more information to be offered without forcing the user to move away from their current site.


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