YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (owned by Google). It has more than 800 million people visiting the site in the UK per month with users spending more than 4 billion collective hours watching content.


ClickTap Media can implement YouTube advertising, projecting your brand globally. YouTube advertising is run on a cost per click basis – set a budget for your campaign, select appropriate options to target your audience, and voila! Adwords automatically positions your video in front of people who are reading, searching for or watching online content related to you and your business.


The level of engagement and exposure that you can get from advertising on YouTube makes it an ideal platform upon which to nurture your brand and engage with your customer base. With YouTube you only pay when someone actually watches your video, and you choose how much you want to pay per view and per day.


Have a look at some of our YouTube advertising services:

Create and design a Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel management
Track a Return On Investment
Budget management and monitoring
Targeting specific Youtube Channels


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