Online paid media… with results.

In digital advertising, expertise and experience is key, and our focus is results and delivery. For that reason, we hire the best experts across all online media channels and place them front and centre in everything we do. And that’s a very simple answer: your business growth. This is why collaboration is important: you know your industry and brand best, and we understand how to translate it into a successful strategy. This is why we adopt an open and collaborative approach: no hidden fees, results, costs or data.

With your business insights, we will design a single or multi channel strategy with smart milestones to which we will work jointly to achieve: leads, sales, conversions, sign-ups, foot traffic, awareness, brand uplift and more. During that journey, we will support you in decision making with proactive checks, key weekly and monthly reports, and above all easy digestible insights to make sure you get a positive return.

In sum, with our expertise we will manage your ad spend to help you grow your business.



In-House Capabilities

We love our partners and we understand that some areas of expertise are best left to them. But where possible, we bring the technology and native platforms in-house along with seasoned experts. This is the case with all the channels we work with: social, pay-per-click (ppc), programmatic and more. Results and delivery is core to our values.



Blended Marketing, offline experts meet online expert

A successful media and advertising strategy is a blended one. Your customers don’t live on only one universe and key moments of their journey often are between the two. You are exposed to a brand while commuting and go online to discover more. Media Agency Group is a well established offline media agency with solid experience in delivering award-winning advertising and both teams always tackle challenges jointly to find the right solution and media mix.



Scalability: programmatic advertising

One of our key in-house services is programmatic advertising where we work with native platforms to deliver AI powered advertising across the top ad networks. Programmatic offers detailed targeting options and massive reach across any device, media format and more.



Data Capabilities

Data is the foundation of everything we do. We use our team’s data expertise to help you understand, scope and deliver successful digital marketing. Our goal is to transform all this data into actionable insights to optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns and results at the same time we give you insights of your clients and market.




We pride ourselves on having a team of experts across all paid media focused on adding value to our client’s challenges. The team is made up of experienced experts from top tier digital agencies and brands from all corners of the world. Since they are front and centre to everything we do, we invest heavily in coaching and developing all the team’s soft and hard skills.


Our Client Reporting


Our main focus it to provide results for our clients, and to help us showcase these results, we have custom made personalised reports. Visual representations help communicate our successes and help us see what areas we can improve. Click below to learn more about our reporting.



Get In Touch

Whether you have specific services in mind or are just looking for some advice, let us know and we will get one of our expert account managers to get in touch and discuss how online paid media can help you and your brand achieve a new level of success, with proven results.

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