Get To Know: Designer Hannah

Learn more about our graphic designer Hannah, working on everything digital! From videos, websites, gifs & more, find out what she has to say about Advertising and all things digital.


Hi Hannah, how are you today? 

Great, thanks for asking!

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My names Hannah, I’m a graphic designer here at CTM, and I work mostly on creating engaging content for some of our very exciting clientele. I’ve been working in graphic design for over 4 and a half years now on projects ranging from websites, video, photography & more. If I’m being completely honest, my favourite thing to work on is creating fun Giffy content, that really engages users.

Why did you choose to work in advertising? 

Before working in advertising I had worked in a variety of areas, from editorial to being an in-house designer, but it’s an area I have always wanted to work in. The first reason for this is that I like working across different brands, I like how unpredictable each day is & how different each client is. It keeps every day interesting and makes me constantly have to think about and consider each brands tone of voice. My second reason, is that advertising gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology, design & trends, and the chance to create something different. There isn’t a one size fits all solution, so you have to really research and understand the brand your working with and consider what will work for them. Putting in the time and effort to understand what they are trying to achieve makes achieving those great results so much more rewarding.

What hack would you suggest to a brand?

My suggestion, from a design POV would be to always try and create engaging and innovative content. It gives your brand a unique tone of voice & is more likely to elicit a response from your target demographic.


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