Get To Know: One of our Social Media Managers, Chloe Barrett

We asked one of our Social Media Managers to give us a little insight into her role & what it entails. Read on to find the latest tips & tricks on managing your social media to success.

Hi Chloe, how’re things today? 

All good, thank you! 

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m Chloe, 20, and I’ve lived in the North West my whole life so it doesn’t come as a shock that I love to be entertained. I enjoy globe-trotting and venturing to new places and I’ve been known to partake in yoga now and again.

What made you choose digital advertising as a career path?

I’ve always had a passion for creative content and telling the right story to the right people. Digital advertising is all about delivering strong messages to the ideal consumer – marrying theory and result.

To be given the chance to work with global brands such as Herbalife Nutrition, Missy Empire and Liverpool ONE has allowed me to build on my expertise and express my passion for the innovative corners that are found in advertising.  

What hack would you suggest to any business who wants to grow their brand?

Think outside of the box. Your target audience might be males aged 35 but it’s important to note their lifestyle interests, daily activities and behaviours. Doing so will elevate your brand above competitors, urging consumers to click-through and find out more information.  


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