Google Shopping Actions

Google’s answer to turn product searches into cash.

Google today released a new Google Search product called Google Shopping Actions. Under the new program, retailers can list their products on Google Search, as well as on the Google Express shopping service, and Google Assistant on mobile phones and voice devices. Google’s pitch to retailers is a better chance to influence shoppers purchasing decisions, a move that is likely to help them compete with rival This is Google’s answer to the now old adage of “when people want to buy something, they go to Amazon to search”.

Naturally, this will also make retailers compete head-to-head: “Brands are looking at Google as the enemy of the enemy and that makes Google their friend,” said Guru Hariharan, CEO of retail technology firm Boomerang Commerce, referring to the competition between Amazon and chains like Walmart and Target.

It’s an interesting move and one we will see evolve in the next years! See the full article here.

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