Why your business needs Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have been hugely popular since their inception in 2016 and have overtaken Snapchat with 200 million active monthly users. Instagram stories are short videos that appear both at the top of the newsfeed and can be selected by clicking on an accounts profile picture.

With a range of features such as hands free recording, boomerang features and highly customisable filters Instagram Stories are proving to be a winner with its consumers. The platform is also proving to be a hit with advertisers with two million monthly advertisers on the Instagram. The stories feature helps Instagram take advantage of the features that users have come to know and love and tap in to a highly relevant and personal moment for people. Instagram’s algorithms give priority to stories people are likely to be interested in giving your business the perfect boost in going after your target audience.

At Click Tap Media we run both Organic and Paid Social activity across all the major platforms. We take time to get to know your brands tone of voice and create a social strategy that works for you and perfectly fits your target audience.