Instagram introduces a way for brands to advertise Influencer posts

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially over the years with thousands of brands using more and more influencer activity to promote themselves every year on Instagram. It’s safe to say this trend isn’t going anywhere soon!

Instagram has now revealed it is working on a new format that will allow brands to sponsor influencers’ posts and promote them like an ad. They have decided on this move because influencer marketing is becoming more important to Instagram’s ad revenue, it signals an effort to make the ad-buying process more transparent.

“The new ‘branded content ads’ will help regularise the paid promotion process for brands and influencers.” – Announcement from the Facebook-owned company. Brands will now be able to promote themselves more widely just like any other ad on the platform.

Since the Fyre Festival scandal, Instagram has been cracking down on the usage of bots and fake engagement tactics using branded content tools on its platform. This new feature will help highlight transparency and accountability with brands.