The Power of Going Vertical


Has your business been utilising full-screen experience as part of your advertising strategy?

Recent studies show 72% of millennials never actually turn their phone to landscape and therefore, access their daily updates vertically almost 24/7. In addition to this, 90% of video content online is consumed vertically – a key format of creative when encouraging sales and strengthening campaign performance. Such a staggering statistic highlights a crucial opportunity for advertisers to capture their target audience with creative content that engages and incentivises. Particularly when showcasing a product/service available to buy, vertical experiences open a vast range of opportunities for your brand to stand out from the rest with a unique, creative physique.

Instagram launched Stories in August 2016 and, just three years later, the 24-hour sharing feature has taken modern day advertising by a storm. With all major brands considering their presence on the placement, Instagram Stories are used by 500 million users every day, with the most viewed Stories being those from businesses. The perfect opportunity presents itself here to engage with both Prospecting audiences, in a bid to kick-start the conversion funnel, and Remarketing audiences, those individuals who have shown initial interest but could do with an additional push.

Additional studies show 96% of US marketers recently surveyed plan to continue using Stories ads in the next 6 months. The instant appeal that draws from vertical ties perfectly with the modern-day consumer, suggesting we are now looking at the future of brand storytelling.