Curaprox: Organic Social.



Curaprox is a successful Swiss oral health brand that has been distributing products to the dental industry since 1972. CURAPROX has the products, knowledge and training and wants to be known for more than just white teeth or fresh breath – delivering "better health for you"


The Challenge

Already well established amongst healthcare professionals, Curaprox wanted to become a well-known brand on the consumer side of the industry to:

  • Boost sales.

  • Further cement themselves as the go-to brand in the industry. 

A dual-targeting/audience strategy was built to serve pillared organic content on key social platforms, reaching each audience with precision.


Our Objectives

The main objectives lay within three pillars:

  • Awareness

  • Engagement

  • Sales


The Strategy

Crucial to organic management, particularly in an area as distinct as dental hygiene - is local knowledge and engaging content. 

With the consumer and creativity in mind, our approach to the initial brief ensured Curaprox UK would:

  • Adopt a fun, friendly and reliable persona online. 

  • Our main goal was to convert those consumers new to the Curaprox market and steer traffic away from major competitors in the market. 

  • With a combination of product features, giveaway competitions and awareness pieces, mag’s digital divisions’ organic social strategy, leveraged engagement levels across all social media channels - while optimising each stage of the consumer process. 


The Results


Total fans increased by 26% after the initial period.


Engagement increased by 1,203% on average after the initial period.


Total impressions increased by 147.3% after the initial period.