I Saw It First: Google Shopping.



I Saw It First is a successful fast fashion e-retail founded by Jalal Kamani (Boohoo co-founder) based in Manchester. I SAW IT FIRST brings the  the hottest trends in fashion and pop culture first. They are constantly aiming to deliver innovative and unique shopping experiences for its customers.


The Challenge

Fast fashion is all about performance, churn and agility, and we were tasked to optimise and acquire more growth on their pay-per-click channels, the most important ones being Google Shopping. After auditing the search account, we decided to rebuild from scratch: feed structure, product descriptions, labels, campaigns and more. And all of it needed to be executed without impacting sales.


Our Objectives

  • Gradually restructure the entire Google Search & Shopping account without impacting sales.

  • Increase ROAS by at least 50% within 3-months.

  • Zero negative impact on sales during the overhaul.

  • No use of automated tools, platforms or feed optimisers to clearly understand the baseline.


The Strategy

Crucial to Google Shopping campaigns its their foundation: the feed from the website. We started by reviewing all fields, labels, title structure, and more based on the products, website and CRM jointly with the client. Secondly, we added granularity to the information contained within the feed. Granularity allows Shopping campaigns to be carefully optimised. For example, under their ‘Women Tops’ category, they had subcategories that were underperforming. By breaking down these subcategories and adding them into single campaigns (and later on even further!), this allowed us to completely understand how best to optimise bids or even feedback to the client on product performance. This is an important exercise: understanding a baseline without using automated tools. This manual and granular approach, by reading and “feeling” the pulse of the campaign, is the only way to make correct and precise decisions that ultimately led to a success.


The Results


Revenue Increased by 82% largely exceeding the already ambitious target of 50%. This was an immense challenge to complete a full restructure without affecting sales performance.


Return-On-Ad-Spend grew to 233% and is consistent in follow-up months.


Award-winning restructure and campaign: Best Search Marketing Campaign 2018 by Northern Marketing Awards (Prolific North).