I Saw It First: Influencer Marketing.



I Saw It First is a successful fast fashion e-retail founded by Jalal Kamani based in Manchester. In Fast fashion, Influencer Marketing is one of the key and most profitable channels, and one important aspect s is that it is truly through-the-line and works the entire funnel.


The Challenge

Deliver an engaging sales campaign with quality creative using Instagram influencers.


Our Objectives

  • Drive sales & engagement while delivering positive ROAS.


The Strategy

The main goal was to generate awareness and ultimately to drive sales. With this in mind in collaboration with I Saw It First team, we carefully selected 10 influencers that most related to its demographics, lifestyle and overall affinity. This set of Influencers would then individually approach their unique following with a 3-stage storytelling about the products and leveraging Instagram Stories to do so.

In a first moment, they would showcase the products, in a second stage expose the brand and details about the products and finally, model with the complete outfit in a real-world scenario. This enables the followers to truly engage with the content in a genuine and human way, that most relate to them. In sum, we leveraged stories to really drive sales through a funnel within 3 stages: awareness, consideration and purchase.

The most important aspect is that we allowed influencers to select clothing that they enjoy rather than pushing specific looks and also allowed them to create content freely with just broader brand guidelines.


The Results


50% of the combined following saw the stories and posts.


Engagement, a combination of likes, shares and saves, was twice the industry average at 9.5%.


A single influencer, in a single day, returned 3X more revenue when compared to costs.