Jameson Carter: Integrated Media.



Jameson Carter is an up and coming urban streetwear fashion brand based in Manchester for a young male & female audience with online store and present in retailers such as JD Sports.


The Challenge

We were introduced to Jameson Carter initially to discuss OOH formats, however after early discussions it became apparent that their current marketing strategy, whilst delivering growth, could be further optimised to rapidly improve and increase brand uplift & sales.

After auditing their analytics, social & ppc accounts, we discovered that all of them needed entire new strategies, campaigns and backend optimisations.


Our Objectives

  • Increase Cyber Week Revenue by 100% year on year.

  • Zero impact on sales while restructuring

  • Change backend platforms & tools


The Strategy

We started by reviewing backend structure such as the e-commerce platform, API’s being used and going into detail such as product title structure, keywords on product descriptions and more.

Once all the foundations were optimised, we moved into carefully planning new campaigns and strategies across social & ppc accounts taking in consideration the audience, seasonality behaviour, competitors and most importantly aligning the digital channels with TV advertising activity to truly create an effective trough-the-line marketing funnel.


The Execution

Facebook, Instagram, Search & Shopping were managed and optimised daily including frequent updates on copy/ads. All activity was communicated daily with live reports to the client using Data Studio. As mentioned in the approach, all campaigns had a funnel carefully designed with prospecting, acquisition and remarketing strategies, and to scale all up and fuel it we overlaid this digital strategy with TV with TV, focusing on key interests dictated by the clients Google Analytics which were predominantly sport, reality/celebrity & entertainment.

Why combine digital & TV?

TV is regarded and proven as the most powerful media channel for both direct response and brand building, and on this occasion it matched our objective perfectly. We needed to increase familiarity of the brand and drive organic traffic to allow the digital strategy to flourish. Key points being:

  • TV drives organic search and provides a larger pool of people for our digital team to target with paid search ads.

  • It drives branded keyword search which drives down our cost per click and allows us to drive more people to the site.

  • TV drives more users and this then provides a larger pool for social retargeting.

All of these points are focussed on enhancing brand performance by truly integrating medias which was the key part to our strategy. We are providing interest and intrigue in the brand and driving search against high performance, low cost channels which in turn ensures high conversion rates without paying over the odds for sales. By doing this we are maintaining a higher yield per transaction.

In conclusion, digital channels can be optimised perfectly which was achieved but we then required a higher volume of traffic to deliver over and above the clients objectives. A targeted TV strategy provided this volume and delivered the right people into the conversion funnel.


The Results


We delivered YOY revenue growth for Cyber Week of 177.16%.


Jameson Carter’s overall revenue from paid social saw a 1417% increase compared to the previous 7 days.


We achieved a 340% increase in website purchase conversion value compared to last year’s Black Friday event.