Liverpool ONE: Integrated Media.



Liverpool ONE is one of Europe’s leading retail and leisure destinations, set near to the historic waterfront. Built around the existing streets of Liverpool, our 1.65million sq ft contemporary open-air complex is a stylish must-visit for those who love to shop, eat, drink and relax.

Liverpool ONE has over 170 stores, bars and restaurants, a 18-screen cinema, an indoor adventure golf course as well as a Green Flag accredited five-acre park. Spanning across five areas, including Paradise Street, South John Street, Hanover Street and the Leisure Terrace. Stores include high street favourites such as Topshop, John Lewis, Debenhams and so much more.


The Challenge

For Liverpool ONE, their previous marketing strategy was to place a high proportion of budget and efforts into Q4 in the Christmas period. The challenge this year, was to drive shoppers to Liverpool ONE earlier in the year, in Quarter 2 and 3, so that they return at Christmas.

This required an integrated campaign working across both traditional and digital channels to reach and engage with audiences in the North West.


Our Objectives

  • To develop a blended marketing strategy for traditional and digital media.

  • To create a plan that will hit various KPIs identified as important measures. e.g Footfall, Website Traffic

  • To encourage audiences to visit Liverpool ONE from the outer catchment areas in the North West.


The Strategy

Our strategy was audience led, focusing on core groups with specific media placements and tactical messaging speaking directly to each of the groups.

The campaign strategy was to create various touchpoints with static and digital media, alongside broadcast and sponsorship opportunities. This is supported by a fully integrated, always on, digital campaign across various platforms with messages specifically reaching each of the audiences.


The Research

When overlaying our key audience groups, we found that there is a clear area where a large proportion of them reside and this was identified as the outer catchment areas outside of Liverpool.

Whilst Liverpool residents already visit Liverpool ONE due to awareness of the offering and convenience of travel, we found an opportunity to drive in new audiences from around the North West.

Through our research we found that the core audiences we want to attract from the outer catchments could be enticed back to Liverpool ONE more frequently with knowledge of offers and events that are promoted to them.



Based on all the research from the audiences, behaviours, available medias, and most importantly a potential customer journey, we set out a holistic media plan to target these audiences using specific media and messaging across offline and online. A media plan should be read vertically across medias with touch-points and a journey through them, and not horizontally. This approach was a key differentiator and contributor to the success of this integrated campaign.

The campaign and plan took into consideration:

  • Detailed customer journey with multiple touch points

  • In-depth research insights about behaviours, geography, brand messaging gaps and more

  • A very specific set of channels per audience group

  • Always-on plan with frequency caps and message refreshers both on traditional and digital medias

  • Tailored messaging per channel and per group

  • Budget size/splits based on audience group size and priority

  • Audience group indexing to which media types/formats.


The Results


Winner of the Northern Digital Award - Best Integrated Campaign.


+3.8% more store visits.


Footfall performance was well above UK benchmark.


56% more goal conversions like bookings and gift cards versus previous campaigns.