Perry Ellis: Paid Social.



Perry Ellis is a menswear designer fashion brand, who were completely new to the world of paid social media. Having built an account from scratch, mag’s digital team introduced a fully effective campaign structure covering the three main elements of paid social advertising. The client achieved peaks of Return On Ad Spend at 14:1!


The Challenge

  • The challenge was to leverage the brand against competitors in the industry and find the brand’s USP, to ensure Perry Ellis stood out. 

  • The client wanted to test the impact of paid social on their overall profit margins.


Our Objectives

  • To ensure a competitive return-on-ad-spend.

  • Create engaging creative and copy for interactions with the brand.


The Strategy

Focusing on revenue driving Facebook and Instagram, mag developed a remarketing-heavy approach to help leverage extra revenue out of existing audiences.

  • Adopting dynamic remarketing and segmenting into product sets of different items (t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and trousers).

  • Mag have been able to provide a customised experience per customer based on their website shopping behaviour. 

Following a successful launch, mag also launched:

  • Prospecting across both social channels, giving us a regular stream of new customer acquisition. 

  • Using a combination of interest, lookalike and competitor audiences, we have developed a strategy that not only swells remarketing audience sizes, but crucially convert - particularly during sale periods.


The Results


We are consistently delivering a Return-On-Ad-Spend above the industry average for both brands.


Cyber Week sales saw a 250% Return-On-Ad-Spend increase further validating paid social strategies.


Relevant targeted ads resulting in a highly engaged audience with 1.18% CTR.