Regency Residential: Search.



Regency Residential is a large property and investment company based in Manchester with properties across the UK. As part of their lead generation, we took their pay-per-click channel to support growth and ultimately sell properties and investment packages. The goal was to capture qualified leads at the industry average Cost-Per-Lead minimum.


The Challenge

With a set of two audiences, potential home owners and investors, we were challenged to drive leads using Google Search Ads covering multiple different properties, packages and locations.


Our Objectives

  • Campaigns built with as much as granularity as possible

  • Careful A/B testing of the ad copy including strong pre-qualifiers and high relevancy between website, ad copy and keyword

  • Remarketing in Search with audience lists

  • Taking advantage of Google’s Machine Learning for bidding strategies


The Strategy

A key important aspect of Search that dictates most of costs and performance is the client’s website and its actual content and user interface/experience. After carefully reviewing it and suggesting tweaks, we built a complete set of campaigns from the ground up using as much granularity as possible, a key success factor, with more than 140 ad groups. This detailed and granular approach took into consideration not only keywords but location of the properties, devices where we see more conversions, time of the day, bidding strategy, and much much more.


The Results


After the initial 4 months, achieved and delivered a Cost-Per-Lead at 35% below industry average.