Spire Healthcare: Paid Social.



The Media Agency Group team were tasked with finding an effective channel for Spire Cheshire Hospital to drive web traffic and brand awareness. After researching the client and audience, we proposed Facebook to help target a more mature audience and help us target people with disposable income at the lowest cost.


The Challenge

The Affluent Cheshire area is expensive to target, we looked at various different targeting strategies to help drive down costs and help the clients conversions.


Our Objectives

  • Driving down cost by refining targeting interests

  • Changing copy to create more ‘click urgency’

  • Segmenting those more likely to have an interest within the hospital catchment area

  • Expanding out creative to give more campaign variation and act upon our insights.


The Strategy

Detailed targeting plans to include several reasons as to why an individual would want Private Healthcare. From here we took first and third party data to profile these people and match this to our research.


The Results


Cost Per Click dropped 60% by the end of the campaign while driving same results.