Liverpool ONE | Paid Social & PPC


The Challenge

For Liverpool ONE, they run Student Events every April and September, and our role was to provide a strategic media plan to run alongside their marketing activity, penetrating the market on a local level to new students in the area, as well as existing.

As this was a one day event, with a 2 week campaign duration - time was limited for the campaign to do its work, and had to work hard to make sure it drove people on one specific day.

our Objectives

  • To reach students in Liverpool and surrounding areas with minimal wastage.

  • To have high impact in the run up to the event, to drive students to Liverpool ONE on 26/09/18.

  • To drive footfall and sales during the event.

  • Budget: £15,000 - Duration: 2 Weeks


With all of our campaigns and clients, we start with a very granular and comprehensive media plan that can be tracked lived on our Client Services page with Google Data Studio reports. Each campaign had at least two sets of ads/copy/artwork and some were broken down with audience splits, demographics and more.

The campaign and plan took into consideration:

  • Previous channel performance and last year results

  • Typical Consumer behaviour on similar events

  • Channel reach and budget splits

  • Tailored messaging per channel with scheduled copy/artwork refresh

  • Audience & demographic splits per channel

  • Typical Engagement & Ad relevance



  • Footfall was up 8% YOY.

  • Footfall was up 30% based on an average Wednesday.

  • Whilst retail store entries were down 3%,

  • Leisure entries were up 14.6%. Sportswear stores such as JD Sports & Foot Locker were popular.

Website Results

  • Visits from organic search up 22.8%.

  • Visits from their social channels up 657.3%.

  • Direct visits up 52%.

Social Media Results

  • Page views of their official Facebook page was 122% up when compared to the previous day (a non-event day).

  • Reach was up 16% and post engagements (likes, shares, comments) up by 94%

  • A total of 50k impressions were achieved on Twitter on Wednesday. The previous day was just under 25k.

On Instagram, 4.9k fans visited our official account and carried out 733 actions.


In September 2018, Liverpool ONE worked closely with Media Agency Group to work towards a new campaign strategy for our Student Event. They provided support to our team, who already have relationships with Universities and Local Press, with the addition of new media with the goal of ensuring it is as effective as possible with minimal audience wastage. This included ITV Hub, Spotify and a new digital strategy including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We were really pleased with the results, with footfall up 8% based on the Student Event in 2017 in the same period and 30% up based on an average Wednesday. We also had very positive feedback from the brands/stores involved at the centre who will continue to take part in this bi-annual event.

Donna Howitt
Marketing & Business Performance Director - Liverpool ONE