Liverpool ONE | Paid Social & PPC


The Challenge

For Liverpool ONE, their previous marketing strategy was to place a high proportion of budget and efforts into Q4 in the Christmas period. The challenge this year, was to drive shoppers to Liverpool ONE earlier in the year, in Q3, to that they return at Christmas.

Their digital strategy also needed strengthening to ensure the right brand messages were reaching audiences in core areas of the North West.

our Objectives

  • To develop a blended marketing strategy for Traditional and Digital media

  • To promote ‘Let Us Entertain You’, an event that ran at Liverpool ONE throughout the summer

  • To encourage audiences to visit Liverpool ONE from the outer catchment areas in the North West

  • Digital Budget: £80,000 - Duration: 3 Months


Our strategy was audience & messaging led, focusing on 4 core groups:

Millennials, Urban Strugglers, Mature Comfort and Modest Maturity. These audiences were then targeted with a campaign specifically reaching Liverpool, Warrington, Wigan, St helens, Chester, Southport, The Wirral, with a blended marketing campaign of Traditional and Digital.

Within digital media, the campaign strategy was to focus on a granular customer journey across a media mix chosen per audience, always on, with messages specifically tailored individually for each of the four audiences, all refreshed frequently (messaging).


When overlaying all 4 audience groups, we can see the main focus is away from the City Centre of Liverpool. Our task will be educating and enticing audiences from the band between Manchester and Liverpool. Other insights:

  • Perceived lack of differentiation in the offer.

  • The majority of the interviewees travel to Liverpool One via a train from Wigan, Warrington and Chester.

  • The majority of the audience feel that they could be enticed back to Liverpool One with offers and events that are promoted to them.

  • Throughout the survey we found that only one person who was interviewed, from the 3 areas, engages with Liverpool One on Social Media.

  • The only Liverpool One ad to be recalled repeatedly was the Liver Bird advert, on TV, at Christmas.


Overall rESULTS

  • The number of stores visited was up 3.8%.

  • In terms of footfall, Liverpool ONE were above the UK benchmark of -2.9% YOY.

  • Compared to summer campaign 2017, goal conversion was up 56%.

  • Direct traffic was up 23%.

  • Social traffic was up 25% and conversion rate up 1023% due to better targeting of social advertising.

  • Summer Liverpool ONE landing page was viewed by 5,324 people and held users on the page for 37% longer than the 2017 summer landing page.

  • Bounce rate down 9.6% average time on page 11% up.

Client Feedback

Media Agency Group worked with us to restructure our Marketing Plans and communication for 2018/19, with a new strategy than what we have used over the past 10 years. The core approach was to be audience focused, to ensure the messages were efficient to different audiences. This enabled us to drive shoppers to Liverpool ONE in Q3 to experience the centre and actively return for Q4/Christmas period; a different approach than previous years where the core driver was Q4. Media Agency Group provided a blended marketing campaign, with traditional and digital strategically planned to our audiences and core location catchments in the North West for our Q3 Let Us Entertain You campaign.

Our KPIs where to drive more people to the Liverpool ONE site and drive interaction and engagement - The results were positive with the website performance all increasing versus Summer 2017, with high engagement and low bounce rates. The overall goal conversion was also up 34%.

Donna Howitt
Marketing & Business Performance Director - Liverpool ONE