Fashion Brand  |   Programmatic


Campaign Objectives:

Overall, for the client’s site for a month:

•Drive new, targeted traffic to the website - target: 2m impressions
•Build a direct response audience - target: 1,000 unique visitors
•Drive sales - target: 300 sales and £10K revenue per month
•Drive new customer acquisition - target: 40% of sales from new customers




•Prospect for new customers on multiple relevancy criteria

•Create a strong brand presence on fashion-related websites and blogs


•Deliver display ads to customers who visited the site and didn’t convert

•Tailored campaigns based on category of product viewed



Admedo delivered a monthly average of 791K impressions, and drove 1,600 unique visitors, which resulted in (average) 342 sales and £12.7K in revenue.

During the campaigns, the new customer rate fluctuated, but averaged at 44.6% for the period, which is 28% higher than any other paid-for channel.

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