Crystal Maze Live Experience| Social Ad Campaign



The Crystal Maze Live Experience is the ultimate team challenge, a fun & interactive test that pits friends and families against the maze and ultimately the dome. It is the hit 90's tv show brought to life in the modern era and that is where Click Tap Media comes in. Reaching an audience in the modern world goes beyond TV & Outdoor advertising and into the social world of Facebook & Instagram. We wanted to create a campaign that maximised ticket sales and audience interaction, utilising weather, location and more to create highly targeted and on demand advertisements that deliver.


+ To create innovative imagery for engaging advertisements.

+ Utilise weather, location & other factors to maximise the advertisements reach.

+ Create a diverse range of audiences from students to family to maximise sales.


Over 3 months organic impressions increased by 13.6%


& total engagement (including comments & likes) increased by 5.6%