Influencer Marketing.


Brand Creativity.

Content. Reach. Engagement.

ClickTap Media brings scale to the world of content creation to brands in a easy and end-to-end solution. Simply agree with a budget and we will provide you the strategy and influencers for you to pick and tailor. Approve the content and go live. At the end, receive a campaign report with data & insights.

According to AdWeek and Content Marketing Institute, this channel of Influencer Marketing brings 650% ROI and 3-10X higher conversion.


Beautiful & Authentic Content.

By allowing us to find Influencers perfect for your brand, you will recieve beautifully crafted content from a variety of creative individuals. Content that you can then utilise on all of your own channels. This allows you to to break up the monotony of studio imagery and stock images and diversifies your brands image.


Gain Huge Reach.

When using CTM to search for Influencers, we don't just look at the number of followers a person has, but the quality of that audience. We look at how closely they interact with posts, how successful they have been working with other brands & whether the audience is right for you and your brand. By doing this we can guarantee a much better reach to a more inviting audience.


High Engagement Rate.

We put the time in to find Influencers that work & work specifically well for your brand. Finding you influencers that interact and get a great response from there following, in turn gets a great engagement rate for your brand and its content. This is a great way to get honest feedback on your product/service and interact directly with your target audience.