Pay-Per-Click. Or tap.



Awareness. Leads. Conversions. Views.

You need to compete for business where your potential customers are: online. This is where pay-per-click comes in, helping you acquire business across Google Search and Display advertising.

Being all about performance, we have the best PPC team of the market, some of them former Google employees, with hands-on experience with nearly thousands of accounts across all industries and verticals. And all transparent. We will simply manage your budget and account on your behalf, and work collaboratively to define a strategy, iterate it and optimise for a Return-On-Ad-Spend.


Search: Google Ads & Bing.

Search overall has a unique difference to any other online channel. When consumers search, they have an extremely high intent of buying your service or product. To capture those potential buyers and convert them into business, we will help you understand their online journey and behaviour,  plan and create campaign accordingly. The objective is to achieve your business goals regardless of what they are: sales, leads, and more. We have the most experienced PPC Managers in the market with experience in setting up successful campaigns across all industries.


GDN Display Ads.

Display advertising is one an effective way of reaching your target audience to uplift your brand (awareness) or to generate revenue. Among many options and ad networks that Click Tap Media works with, Google’s Display Network is one of the most flexible and reaches over 80% of internet users worldwide and receives over 1 trillion impressions per month, across 2 million websites. Part of its flexibility it is due to the targeting options available: location, audience interests, specific devices, times, placements (websites) and more.

Deciding the right strategy is a complex process and we’ll work to identify your key audience and messages and let our experts deliver it perfectly with profitability in mind.


Google & Bing Shopping.

Google Shopping cards in Search and… YouTube! Yes, you can have them on YouTube alongside your product video ad! These shopping cards are a must-have for any company with an e-commerce and proven to have high ROAS. The reasons are obvious: product picture, premium visibility, pricing opportunity, product page linking and more. Google Shopping is also an effective way to place thousands of your SKU’s at the consumer’s fingertip.


YouTube Video Ads.

YouTube is the number one online video site in the world and the second largest search engine… behind Google Search. 42% of online shoppers use video for pre-purchase research and 64% use it to find products. Additionally, it has one of the largest audiences with great impact and results. Click Tap Media, jointly with our traditional media division, has extensive experience in turning video advertising relevant and effective. Did you know that 41% of people take an action as the result of a YouTube ad?



Consumers always shop around before making a decision. This is why remarketing is a key fundamental piece and strategy for any online advertising. With it, you’re able to promote your services and products to the visitors who leave your site without converting and yields a great return on investment. And the reason is simple: consumers who have already shown an interest in your brand, are more likely to buy (convert) than just about anyone else.


Free Audit - Call Us Today!

Get a thorough insight from an experienced consultant into your PPC campaigns without it costing you a penny. Simply find out if your AdWords is performing, what ROI, key improvement areas, new updated strategies and more. We’ll then work to transform it into an effective marketing machine. All starts with an initial call to understand your business, your marketing goals, your short and long term plans. With your objectives in mind, we’ll evaluate the strategy and campaigns, a task that no AI can do.