Target right.

Brand Uplift. Scale. Segments.

Programmatic display has the best ad targeting capabilities to ensure clients reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price point while all is optimised by AI. And at Click Tap Media, that’s what we do best.  Part of your journey with us, we will report in-depth easy digestible insights and market analysis.


Ad Exchanges.

Search overall has a unique difference to any other online channel. When consumers search, they have an extremely high intent of buying your service or product. To capture those potential buyers and convert them into business, we will help you understand their online journey and behaviour,  plan and create campaign accordingly. The objective is to achieve your business goals regardless of what they are: sales, leads, and more. We have the most experienced PPC Managers in the market with experience in setting up successful campaigns across all industries.


In-House Experts.

Display advertising is one an effective way of reaching your target audience to uplift your brand (awareness) or to generate revenue. Among many options and ad networks that Click Tap Media works with, Google’s Display Network is one of the most flexible and reaches over 80% of internet users worldwide and receives over 1 trillion impressions per month, across 2 million websites. Part of its flexibility it is due to the targeting options available: location, audience interests, specific devices, times, placements (websites) and more.

Deciding the right strategy is a complex process and we’ll work to identify your key audience and messages and let our experts deliver it perfectly with profitability in mind.