I Saw It First | Pay Per Click



I Saw It First is a successful fast fashion e-retail founded by Jalal Kamani based in Manchester. Fast fashion is all about performance and agility, and we were tasked to optimise and acquire more growth on their pay-per-click channels, the most important one being Google Shopping. After researching the brand positioning and analysing their current campaigns, we proposed a complete overhaul of the channel in a 3-month staged plan with the ambitious goal of increasing their Return-On-Ad-Spend by at least 50%.


Crucial to Google Shopping campaigns it’s their foundation: the feed from the website. We started by reviewing all fields, labels, title structure, and more based on the products and website. Secondly, we added granularity to the information contained within the feed. Granularity allows Shopping campaigns to be carefully optimised to seek the best ROAS. For example, under their ‘Women Tops’ category, they had subcategories that were underperforming. By breakdown these subcategories and adding them into single campaigns (and later on even further), this allowed us to completely understand how best to optimise bids or even feedback to the client on product performance. Finally,, we sought to optimise all Shopping campaigns by device, time of the day and best performing locations. And finally, we expanded their pay-per-click strategies to include better Remarketing strategies such as Dynamic Remarketing.


- Overhaul of Shopping feed with new labels and title best practices
- Granularity: added campaigns with subcategories
- Further granularity: split campaigns with time of the day, devices and different budgets on weekdays/weekends.
- Weekly Calls, Monthly Meetings, Live Reporting available 24/7


After the initial 2 months, we increased their ROAS by 82% with plenty of room for more growth. Additionally, we had extremely positive feedback from our weekly calls and our automated live bespoke reporting.