Programmatic: Gaming Brand.





The Challenge



Our Objectives

Across the client’s range of products:

  • Acquire new, targeted traffic to site - target: 2 million impressions with 0.1% CTR

  • Build up a direct response audience - target; 200,000 unique visitors

  • Drive new customer conversions - target; 1,000 new playing customers


The Strategy

The challenge for the client was to increase their reach in a highly competitive space, whilst achieving their KPIs for the activity.Our agreed strategy was to use acquisition tactics to build an audience who could then be retargeted to achieve the final conversion.


•Display ads to customers who visited the site, but didn’t convert

•Tailored campaigns on product level: casino, bingo, games and sports


•Prospect new audiences on multiple relevancy criteria

•Target new customers to the brand

•Tailored campaigns at product level: Casino, Bingo, Games and Sports


The Results

Admedo delivered a monthly average of 791K impressions, and drove 1,600 unique visitors, which resulted in (average) 342 sales and £12.7K in revenue.


During the campaigns, the new customer rate fluctuated, but averaged at 44.6% for the period, which is 28% higher than any other paid-for channel.